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Urinal Vila with cover (system Soft-close) and with a radar flushing unit, 6 V


  • economy flushing by 1 liter of water
  • easy installation
  • whole flushing unit is placed behind the urinal
  • system reacts only on the direct use of the urinal (it analyses changes, which are proceeded inside of the urinal, when a liquid is flowing through)
  • adjustable flushing time 0,5 - 15,5 s
  • parameters adjustment by remote control SLD 04 without the necessity to dismantle the urinal from the wall (acoustic setting indication)
  • automatic flushing after each 6 hours non-use
  • monitoring of battery capacity
  • water flow could be regulated by ball valve
  • radar flushing unit recharges a water to the siphon after each flushing
  • Order number: 11377
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Supply specification

SLP 37RB - Supply No. 11377 - ceramic urinal with the radar flushing unit, plastic mounting box with brass screw coupling, electromagnetic valve and ball valve, inlet fitting with a rubber sealing, siphon, mounting set, plastic cover, power supply, 4 psc. AA alkaline batteries 1,5 V, 2700 mAh with battery case

Technical information

Power supply: battery operated
Location: behind the urinal
Flushing unit: urinal with cover included
Control: radar
Mounting box dimension: 140 x 140 x 75 mm
Operating voltage: 6 V
Recommended flow pressure: 0,1 - 0,6 MPa
Rate of flow: 18 l/min (
Water inlet: male thread G 3/4“
Water outlet: inlet fitting with a rubber sealing



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