Recessed coin and token machine for two to eight single-phase appliances 230 V, choice by the user, 24 V DC


  • vandal-proof
  • choice of appliance by the user
  • before inserting a coin or token the user chooses the requested appliance, the number of appliance is shown on the display, the machine switches on the contactor of single-phase appliance (e. g. washing machine) for paid time
  • during use is possible to add the coins or tokens and pro long use time
  • index Z - recessed
  • parameters adjustment using by the remote control SLD 05 (appliance running time according to the thrown coin or token, time value, current euro exchange, token value, display contrast, possibility turn off one from appliances)
  • marking of the buttons by symbols could be made to order
  • the possibility of obtaining the statistical information, device diagnostics
  • lockable
  • material AISI - 304
  • could be made to order from stainless steel AISI - 316L
  • brushed finish
Code SLZA 04LZ
Order number 88041

Supply specification

SLZA 04LZ - Supply No. 88041 - stainless steel coin machine with electronics, coin holder and coin box, set of keys (2 pcs.), mountig frame

Technical information

Dimension of hole in the wall: 335 x 200 x 125 mm
Operating voltage: 24 V DC
Types of coins: 5, 10, 20 and 50 CZK, 1 and 2 EUR, metal token
Delay time for paid 5 CZK: 30 s - 16 h, standard 30 s
Maximal power input of contactor: 4 kW

Requested accessories

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External power supply 230/24 V DC
External power supply 230/24 V DC
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External power supply 24 V DC for mounting…
External power supply 24 V DC for mounting…
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