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External power supply 24 V DC for mounting on DIN rail in switchboard, 60 W


  • power supplies are destined only for a supply of the automatic sanitary electronics SANELA products (with the exception of battery operated products and products with an integrated power supply)
  • power supplies SLZ 04Y, SLZ 04Z and SLZ 04X are destined for installation on DIN rail, into the switchboard
  • Order number: 05041
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Supply specification

SLZ 04Z - Supply No. 05041 - power supply on DIN rail, 85-240 V AC/24 V DC

Technical information

Dimensions: 90 x 58,4 x 52,5
Power output: stab. 24 V DC
Automatic washbasin taps and shower controls: max. 9 (20*) valves
Automatic urinal flushing unit: max. 9 valves
Automatic pressure toilet flushing units SLW 01xx: max. 9 valves
Automatic cistern toilet flushing unit SLW 02xx: 4 x servo-motor
Number of modules: 3
Power input: 230 V AC/50Hz
Power: 60 W

* for basin taps with cartridge valve


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