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SLKN 07A(X) - SLKN 07F(X)

Bathroom floor drain assembled near by the wall, 950 mm



  • length L = 950 mm
  • collar serves for a tight and reliable connection to hydro-isolation
  • collar with the frame sealed up against the moisture
  • mounting legs with M10 screws for better seating of the drain to the floor (horizontal position)
  • 2 pcs. of waterproofing tapes for fixation to base, including screws and wall plugs
  • side bends for better stability
  • bond screw for connection with bonding conductor
  • different lenghts could be made to order (till 1200 mm - depression to the waste, over 1200 mm - decline to the waste)
  • load class K3 (till 300 kg)
  • material AISI-304


  • plastic siphon DN 50 mm
  • according to the norm DIN EN 274; rate of flow 42 l/min
  • possibility od adjustment of the direction and the slope of the drain to 20°
  • different siphon positions could be made to order


  • design of grids A - F
  • index X - brushed finish
  • material stainless steel AISI - 304
  • other designs could be made to order
  • Order number: 69071

Supply specification

SLKN 07A - Supply No. 69071
SLKN 07AX- Supply No. 68071
SLKN 07B - Supply No. 69072
SLKN 07BX- Supply No. 68072
SLKN 07C - Supply No. 69073
SLKN 07CX- Supply No. 68073
SLKN 07D - Supply No. 69074
SLKN 07DX- Supply No. 68074
SLKN 07E - Supply No. 69075
SLKN 07EX - Supply No. 68075
SLKN 07F - Supply No. 69076
SLKN 07FX - Supply No. 68076

drain, siphon, mounting legs with M10 screw (4 pcs.), tool for grid remove, waterproofing tape, mounting set

Technical information

type: bathroom
installation: near by the wall
length: 950 mm
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