Automatic toilet flushing units for Geberit installation systems, push-button SIGMA 10


  • flushing unit destined for Geberit mounting frames KOMBIFIX: 110.367.00.5,110.300.00.5, DUOFIX SPECIAL:111.355.00.5, DUOFIX: 111.300.00.5, 111.367.00.5, 111.350.00.5,111.390.00.5
  • system reacts to the user attendance in active range of the sensor at a maximum distance of 0,7 m, minimum stay time in active range is 7,5 s
  •  water flows after the user leaves active range
  • flushing time 6 s
  • possibility of additional manual flush by push-button (f.e. during the cleaning)
  • automatic hygiene flush after each 8 use of toilet and after 24 hours non-use
  • parameters adjustment by remote control SLD 03
Order number 14022
Code SLW 02GT

Supply specification

SLW 02GT - Supply No. 14022 - stainless steel flush plate SIGMA 10 with electronics, stainless steel holder of electromagnet, electromagnet

Technical information

Flush plate dimension: 247 x 165 mm
Operating voltage: 24 V DC
Active range: 0,63 - 0,75 m
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Remote control for an adjustment of…
External power supply 230 V AC/24 V DC
External power supply 24 V DC for mounting…
External power supply 24 V DC for mounting…
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