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Stainless steel floor drain trough for swimming pools, length 2 m, AISI 316L



  • collar serves for a tight and reliable connection to hydro-isolation
  • collar with the frame sealed up against the moisture
  • mounting legs (for better seating of the drain to the floor)
  • bond screw for connection with bonding conductor
  • depression of the drain 1 cm on 1 m
  • end strip is not included
  • lenght 2000 mm
  • different lenghts could be made to order (max. 2400 mm)
  • material AISI - 304, AISI - 316L


  • easy removable and cleanable stainless steel waste outlet with a stink trap
  • max. one water outlet in 4 meters long drain
  • Ø 50 mm, rate of flow 48 l/min
  • different dimensions of waste could be made to order
  • number of waste could be made to order


  • dimensions of the slit 6 x 50 mm (width x lenght), safe for children
  • material AISI - 304, AISI - 316L
  • brushed finish
  • high polished finish could be made to order
  • Order number: 69017
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Supply specification

SLKN 01L - Supply No. 69017 - drain (2 m, AISI - 316L), waste outlet with a stink trap, grid, mounting legs, waterproofing tape

Technical information

Type: slotted


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