Set of parts for mounting into the wall for SLU 39


  • is destined for wall installation of automatic stainless steel washbasin taps (SLU 39, SLU 39X)
  • rear assembling of sensor head with electronics by screws M4
  • rear assembling of spout by screws M6
  • during installation it is necessary to fasten the pipe (Htem DN 50) to reinforce the hole in the wall
Code SLA 52A
Order number 06520

Supply specification

SLA 52A - Supply No. 06520 - screw M4 (2 pcs.), screw M6 (2 pcs.), nut M4 (3 pcs.), nut M6 (2 pcs.), supporting pad (2 pcs.), pad for sensor head (1 pc.), hose

Technical information

Depth of the wall: max. 300 mm
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