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Set of 4 pcs. automatic stainless steel counter top soap dispensers, 6 l central soap canister, 230 V AC


  • easy soap refilling
  • soap economy
  • one dose of soap is flowing as hands are in the active range of the sensor (can be set in range 1,3 - 13 s), standard 2,6 s
  • possibility of delivery 2 - 6 pcs. of soap dispensers with central unit made to order
  • use in the public sector; container for soap 6 l
  • parameters adjustment using by the remote control SLD 03
  • Order number: 85914
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Supply specification

SLZN 91E4 - Supply No. 85914 - stainless steel spout with electronics (4 pcs.), inlet hoses, central soap dispenser with peristaltic pumps for liquid soap and soap container 6 l, power supply SLZ 01Y, remote control SLD 03

Technical information

Dispenser type: multiple
Dispenser type: for soap
Dispenser type: automatic
Category: soap and disinfection dispensers
Operating voltage: 230 V AC
Active range: 0,14 - 0,2 m
Recommended soap viscosity: 10 mPa*s - 5000 mPa*s (don‘t use chemical solvents and disinfection)



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