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Supportive stainless steel bracket for SLUN 10


  • supportive stainless steel bracket are designed only for longer or atypical troughs SLUN 10, SLUN 81, SLUN 82 and SLUN 83
  • ensures the safety and strength of the trough
  • material AISI - 304
  • brushed finish
  • Order number: 85810
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Supply specification

SLZN 81 - Supply No. 85810 - supportive stainless steel bracket (1 pc.)

Technical information

Material: brushed stainless steel
Dimensions: 265 x 43 x 200 mm
Weight: 0,57 kg
Thickness of material: 1,5 mm
The maximum load of the bracket: 40 kg (if mounted on solid brick wall)



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