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Set of SLP 06KV and SLR 22, connection included, 6 V


  • including pre-installed mounting frame SLR 22
  • is destined for plasterboard constructions, for mounting to the floor and to the back wall
  • metal frame construction with surface finishing - blue powder coated
  • mounting screws M10 and М8, waste pipe holder with the elbow pipe Ø 50 mm and watter inlet G 1/2“
  • system reacts to the user attendance in front of the urinal at a maximum distance of 0,7 m, minimum stay time in active range is 7,5 s
  • water flows after the user leaves active range
  • adjustable flushing time from 0,5 to 15,5 s
  • parameters adjustment by remote control SLD 03
  • automatic hygiene flushing after 24 hours non-use
  • monitoring of battery capacity
  • possibility to regulate a water flow by the ball valve
  • Order number: 01114
  • EAN: 8591385011146
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Supply specification

SLP 03KVB - Supply No. 01114 - stainless steel cover with electronics, plastic mounting box with brass screw coupling, electromagnetic valve and ball valve, 4 pcs. AA alkaline batteries 1,5 V 2700 mAh, connecting flexi hose, inlet fitting with a rubber sealing, mounting frame SLR 22

Technical information

Stainless steel cover dimension: 170 x 170 x 10 mm
Mounting box dimension: 140 x 140 x 75 mm
Mounting frame dimensions: 1180 - 1350 x 410 x 155 - 235 mm
Operating voltage: 6 V
Active range: 0,6 - 0,75 m
Recommended flow pressure: 0,1 - 0,6 MPa
Rate of flow: 18 l/min (inf. data)
Water inlet: male thread G 3/4“
Water outlet: inlet fitting with a rubber sealing



Set of 4 pcs. of alcaline batteries
Remote control for an adjustment of…
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