Automatic Faucet and Shower Sanitary Flush for Legionella Prevention

Sanela's automatic faucets and showers help prevent the proliferation of bacteria, including Legionella, thanks to their automatic sanitary flush feature. This technology proves ideal for healthcare facilities, senior living facilities as well as public swimming pools and water parks, sports complexes, wellness centers, campgrounds, motels, hotels, and indoor water recreation facilities. It's the perfect solution wherever you can't be sure when the last person used a public shower, campground sink, or restroom. With Sanela's automatic sanitary flush, you can rest assured that you've taken maximum preventive measures for your customers and facility users.

Sanela's automatic faucets and showers also find utility in regular households and weekend cottages. The automatic sanitary flush functionality ensures that the faucet or shower is automatically activated at regular intervals, allowing water to flow through the system and prevent stagnation. This feature allows you to leave for vacation or weekends away with peace of mind.

You can conveniently set the sanitary flush using the included remote control, with intervals ranging from 6 to 168 hours since the last faucet use. Additionally, you can specify the flush duration, from 5 seconds to 20 minutes.