SANELA Control is an application compatible with Android (Google) and iOS (Apple) systems and is designed for fast and efficient communication with SANELA products with built-in Bluetooth module. It fully replaces existing remote controls and allows parameter settings. By launching the application, all devices with a Bluetooth module within range of your phone or tablet are automatically searched. It is then possible to select one of the displayed products and start communicating.

Benefits of the application:

  • quick access to a complete set of device information
  • parameter settings (e.g. sensitivity, flushing time, hygienic flush, etc.)
  • save settings and transfer new values to the device
  • password protection
  • possibility to change the name of the device
  • reset to factory settings
  • water refill for urinal siphons
  • switch on the solenoid valve to check the function of the device
  • switching the device off / on