New Sanela Assistive Grab Bars with a specialized Antimicrobial Vinyl surface that effectively reduces surface bacteria, mould, and certain viruses by up to 99.9%! One remarkable advantage of this Antimicrobial protection is its enduring effectiveness throughout the product's entire lifespan; it cannot be wiped off or washed away. Moreover, our innovative Vinyl surface is Biocompatible, ensuring safety and suitability for healthcare facilities. These grab bars, featuring cutting-edge surface treatment, offer a comfortable touch and anti-slip properties, ensuring secure and comfortable usage. By combining these indisputable technical benefits, we've exceeded our internal standards for engineering excellence. However, as you're well aware, it's not solely about technical specifications; product design holds immense significance for us. Thus, our new Antimicrobial Grab Bars with a Vinyl surface are available in eight distinct colors, transforming them into not only functional elements of your space but also design features that contribute to an overall positive impression. This, we understand, is especially vital in healthcare establishments. More info.