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Turnstile with thermo-visual camera, 230V AC



  • the turnstile will allow the passage of a person only if the person‘s higher body temperature is not measured and he/she has a correctly worn face mask
  • model without an index - wall turnstile
  • three-arm design
  • possibility of two-way passage use
  • Go-call function, to ensure comfortable and quick use, the Turnstile arm is released and moves slightly in the direction of passage
  • maintenance-free magnetic motor
  • massive anti-vandal construction
  • brushed finish

Thermo-visual camera

  • real-time face temperature sensing (0.1 - 0.2 s)
  • detection of the correct application of the face mask
  • audible and light alarm in case of non-compliance with the set conditions
  • recording of the entry time
  • possibility of connection to the attendance system
  • possibility to record rejected entries
  • Order number: 38030
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Supply specification

SLKT 03 - Supply No. 38030 - three-arm turnstile, thermo-visual camera, mounting set, power supply

Technical information

Dimensions (SLKT 03): 1075 x 855 x 860 mm
Operating voltage: 230 V AC


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