New trends

Hygiene systems

You need to have control over the entrance to your building or your workplace?  We can offer you a sophisticated solution. Our controlled hygiene systems connect the entrance turnstiles with other devices, such as a thermo-visual camera and a touch less disinfection dispenser. And how does it work? The person who wants to enter such a secured area puts his hands under the disinfection dispenser and the same time looks at the camera, which checks the covering of the nose and mouth by mask and measures the body temperature. If everything is in order, and at the same time the dispenser has started the dose, then it is possible to pass through the turnstile.

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Hygiene through play

Now, more than ever, we realize how the importance is hand hygiene. And what you´ve learned in your youth… It is good to foster proper hand hygiene in our little ones at an early preschool age. Contactless devices will help with all this, bringing your children into the world of cleanliness and health in an entertaining way.

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What is hidden behind the mirror?

As children, we always wanted to know what is hidden behind the mirror, is there any Alice´s Wonderland? Now we know! Behind the mirror there are SANELA soap dispenser, taps, hand dryers or supply bins for paper towels. Join us in the magical world of SANELA.

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Personal hygiene, and especially hand disinfection, has recently become an integral part of our lives. For correct and effective hand disinfection, it is important to choose not only the correct disinfection but also its dispenser. Sanela is one of the few to offer a complete range of disinfection dispensers.

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Slim beauty for countertop washbasins

Thanks to the high demand for design sanitary equipment, today the range of countertop washbasins is very wide. It is much more difficult to find a sensor taps for such a washbasin that meets strict hygienic and operational requirements so that it can be used in public toilets. We did it, and also in a very chic design. Automatic mixer SLU 60 is the ideal one for your beautiful restaurant, office or house.

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