The (R)Evolution of colours! White, grey and black. It just goes together.

Hope you like our new design photos series. We enjoy the modern combination of black, grey and white. Such a Bathroom isn´t boring but on the contrary, it´ll allow you to create a luxurious spectacle for the eyes with the help of other differently coloured accessories. Everything can be combined with these three colours.

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Stainless steel bathroom accessories

Sanela's new range of bathroom accessories is exceptional in that, it is made of high-quality stainless steel.  For most types, installation is possible without drilling the tiles only by gluing with a special 3M adhesive tape. For perfect harmony with your interior, we offer products in two designs, namely STAINLESS STEEL POLISHED or STAINLESS STEEL BLACK MAT.  So if you are looking for an Aesthetic, Ecological and European made bathroom accessory, here it is!

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Extravagance full of emotions

Our automatic washbasin tap SLU 83 definitely belongs among the products with original design. Maybe not love at first sight. However, if you succumb to it, it will be certainly for a long time. Its curves are exceptional and elegant. If you are looking for something unique for your interior, this product is the right one.

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Black line or is not black as black

Colours are trendy! Probably the most demand is black. It can be elegantly combined with many other colours and accessories in the interior. Our metal black will amaze you at first sight. Introducing the new “Black Line” washbasin taps, flushing units, and shower controls.

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Design solution on the wall is cool

Wall-mounted stainless steel automatic washbasin taps and soap dispensers rang among the most popular solutions of public toilets, especially due to the wide offer of multiple washbasins made from various mineral materials. Together they create a great design spectacle with a touch of futurism.

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Clear mind, clean hands – it makes sense!

Our designer has prepared for you a collection of luxury touchless washbasin taps. These taps are no longer just a functional accessory, but they are becoming an element that significantly influences the overall design of public or private interiors. The new collection is not only beautiful, but also meets the high demands on hygiene. Clean design, a clear mind, clean hands, it makes sense!

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